Financial Solutions and Acquisition of Resources

Business and strategy

We operate in planning, managing and putting into practice financial solutions, focusing on improving company results, either economic or financial.

For such, we integrate solutions and expertise that may play a major role in doing business and in the corporation strategy. With large experience in the area of acquiring resources, anticipating receivables and managing debt, as well as in the merger and acquisition market, we seek to present broad, intelligent and integrated solutions that actually cause an impact on the reality of the company and bring sustainable development to the business.

Our expertise:

Understanding the Business –
Current Scenario, Risk and Opportunity Analysis;

Elaboration of Financial Planning –
Short, Medium and Long-Term Actions;

Corporate Governance and
Financial Management Counseling;

Global View of the Company under the Financial Perspective with Focus on Cash Flow;

Resource Acquisition in the Financial Market and Private Equity;

Viability Study of New Projects and Investments;

Financial Recovery and Crises Management;

Cost and Treasury Management;

Debt Negotiation and Extension;

Negotiation Techniques with Creditors;

Asset and Company Evaluation;

Financing and Other Loan Types;

Advance of Receivables.


We really wish to collaborate with your company to tread this path together, overcoming obstacles and challenges and, above all, adding value to the company.