Innovation & Technology

Business and strategy

Innovative companies, startups or even disruptive ideas face challenges that can prove to be unimaginable in adding value by means of introducing a new product or service in the market. In order to reach the top of the mountain, financial resources are not enough. It is necessary to reassess the strategic planning, tackle the business plan, demonstrate its viability and build and investment thesis that attracts investors and partnerships that generate synergy.

This only fully happens with the involvement of strategic partners that offer governance and act in several fronts in a joint and harmonic fashion, such as: planning technological development and building the final product; strategic planning and action plans; financial solutions and budget elaboration. Furthermore, it is necessary to encompass legal, accounting, digital marketing and communication partners who position the product/service, as well as process and standardization flows, release plans, among others.

We lead projects with this profile, aiming, above all, to build and put into practice, together with its creators, challenging, disruptive and innovative businesses.

Our expertise:

Revision of Strategic Planning and Business Models;

Elaboration of Action Plans;

Elaboration of Budgets;

Elaboration of Investment Thesis and Business Valuation;

Creation of a Corporate Governance Council;

Mapping of Strategic Partners;

Elaboration of Books and Teasers for Road Shows with Investors.


We really wish to collaborate with your company to tread this path together, overcoming obstacles and challenges and, above all, adding value to the company.