Nello Investments lead processes of Merger and Acquisition, with total confidentiality, transparency and the active presence of its partners in each stage of the business. We operate over the entire process cycle, with vouchsafed market methodology, grounded on our track records and success cases. By aligning expectations, we build investment theses, presentation books and assessment reports, and their respective teasers.


From there, with study and market surveys, besides economic segment analyses, we identify synergy with financial and strategic investors and perform roadshows, taking the opportunity to those interested in it, in a guided fashion, with a technical defense of the business price and conditions.


In the Investment area, through our own equity and a selected portfolio of private investors, including Family-Offices and specific Investment Funds, we provide capital and access to resources to private companies in a wide range of market segments in order to foster its growth and execute its strategic vision, either through an expansion plan or through the repositioning of the company itself or its products and services in the market.

We also offer Financial Solutions and Acquisition of Resources to medium and large companies, aiming to meet their cash flow requirements, widen their range of operation and enable special growth projects.


We operate in the Distressed Market in the elaboration of investment theses for undervalued assets and companies in crisis, protecting companies’ cash flows, besides sales processes, mergers and acquisitions.


With our market position, we also operate in Innovation and Technology, assisting companies in the elaboration of investment theses and action plans through the introdcution of a new product or service in the market. In order to reach the top of the mountain, financial resources are not enough. It is necessary to review the strategic planning, tackle the business model, demonstrate its viability and elaborate an investment theses that attracts investors and synergy partners.


Our actions, therefore, are based on clear and organized processes, with the active participation of the business person in exchanging information and ideas to build the necessary solutions for each case.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn about our values and positions, through our manifesto, as well as to better understand each service we offer in the tireless search for competitiveness and creation of value to our clients.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn about our values and positions, through our manifesto, as well as to better understand each service we offer in the tireless search for competitiveness and creation of value to our clients.



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In this stage we perform a preliminary analysis of the company structure and its market positions, evaluating risks and opportunities, aiming to meet specific demands or to viabilize an investment thesis and add value around opportunities we detect. In this stage, therefore, we get to an understanding about the roles of each party with:


  • Preliminary Documents and Data Collection
  • Documentation of the Mandate
  • Signature of the Service and Confidentiality Agreement


Immersion is the moment when we deepen the study of the company and the market it is in.
We will analyze the current strategy, business model, economic-financial data, strong and weak points, risks of the business, among other factors, so that we can build together an action plan based on defined demands and needs.


Here is when we look for deeper understanding of structural and financial data analysis in face of the existing risks and opportunities, in order to elaborate an investment thesis and price the business.
In this stage we elaborate:


  • Institutional Book
  • Assessment Report
  • Blind Teaser


In this stage we hold a meeting to align the client's expectations in face of the value and conditions of the business, so that we can communicate better and actually be prepared to talk to the market.


We will map the market in search for financial, strategic and synergy investors. This planning is divided in:


  • Mapping strategic and synergy sectors for the business
  • Mapping investment funds with adherence to the sector/company
  • Geographic mapping
  • Identifying the players - Suspect, Prospect and Qualified Prospect


Player Suspect These are the companies and individuals who fit the profile of the business, but who do not purchase. They are considered targets, and must be evaluated.

Player Prospect These are companies or individuals who fit the profile
of future clients, but who hold the financial resources
and the decision power to purchase the business.

Player Prospect Qualified These are the Prospects in an advanced stage of relationship with the company. They do not purchase, but have already shown the intention to. They request data, information and prices. They want to understand the business.


With the express interest of analysis on the part of the specific interested parties, we start elaborating the legal documents that ensure the non-disclosure of the information made available and, depending on the progress of the business, the other contract documents.


  • NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • MoU - Memorandum of Understanding
  • Other Contract Documents
  • Side Letters


This stage is performed by lawyers, accountants and other experts. Here, we seek to analyse the impacts of costs, risks and tax, labor, social security, environmental, succession and other responsibilities in face of the new reality of the business.
The same is valid for the business person, in terms of partnership and succession, in regards to private assets and resource destination from any sale or disinvestment.


Normally disregarded in M&A processes, the announcement ot the market must go through the strategic analysis and decision of all parties involved. This way, speculation, surprises and negative effects can be avoided before several stakeholders related to the company. The use of specialized Press Assistance is recommended.