How we do it

We are not a consulting company! Our role is to help people, entrepreneurs, shareholders and successors to build and safely cross the journey of mergers and acquisitions in a professional way.

With years of experience in the M&A market, we have developed agile methods to take the company to market, using a qualified roadshow with target investors, in 15 to 45 days on average, depending on the company’s organization level and timing. This is only possible because we have more than 500 investors in our contact database, with whom we maintain a close and constant relationship.

We do this out of conviction and constant analysis of the methodology and approaches applied. We believe that, with preparation and assertive direction, investors and companies can and should initiate conversations and negotiations, as long as there is clear focus and objectives. Energy is removed from great infomemos, presentations, and a large flow of documents and power points, that are not read or examined in detail at thios point in time, to dedicate ourselves to intelligence in roadshows with target investors, in the identification of synergies, anticipating, in many cases, upcoming market moves.

With that, we can bet on the result and be one of the only companies specialized in M&A that works only with success, with rigorous analysis, on the other hand, of the assets and opportunities that we accept to be mandated.

This makes up our positioning and our differentials. We do not charge a retainer fee, advance amounts or any type of reimbursement for expenses. We add value to our client’s M&A activity, advancing together in search of the desired results and perspectives.